Massage Knee Brace inSPORTline Sungoja


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The Massage Knee Brace inSPORTline Sungoja with an electric massager massages joints and muscles. It features strong Velcro straps, so you can put it on like a regular knee brace. When you connect the electric massager, you can choose from 6 massage programs and 9 intensity modes, which means there is a massage for everyone. This brace is perfect for those who want to relax, have stiff muscles or chronic knee problems. The conductive material on the inner side of the knee brace allows it to stimulate a larger area.

Made of comfortable neoprene, the Massage Knee Brace inSPORTline Sungoja is elastic and therefore suitable for virtually everyone. Moreover, it is extremely easy to control. All you have to do is turn it on and choose a massage program and intensity. The current setting is indicated by color lights. Since you can recharge the electric massager using the included USB cord, you will not have to buy any replacement batteries. The massager can last approximately twenty 15-minute massage programs on a single charge. Apart from the waist belt and electric massager, you will also get conductive spray. The Massage Knee Brace inSPORTline Sungoja is perfect for those with knee problems as well as for those who just want to relax.

Technical description:

  • Elastic knee brace with electric massager
  • 6 massage programs
  • 9 intensity modes
  • LED indicators
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Massage time: 15 minutes
  • Brace length: 49cm (not stretched)
  • Brace height: 11.5cm
  • Brace material: neoprene
  • Charging time: 60 minutes
  • Battery life on single charge: 270 minutes
  • Set includes: knee brace, electric massager, 150ml conductive spray, charging cord